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SportPhoto will attempt to provide an overview of a variety of sports and the young athletes involved in them. It will aim to give you glimpses of the kids and their passion for the sports they are involved in.

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As a sports instructor, I am aware of the incredible beauty of the human body as well as its amazing ability to perform complex manoeuvres and also the importance of the "no pain, no gain" principle to an athlete in his desire to achieve success in a chosen sport. An athlete who does not push himself to his limit misses the opportunity to discover his true capabilities so I encourage all of my young athletes to train as hard as they can so that they will realize their full potential. Additionally, I encourage their growth in mind and in spirit, as well as in stature, and endeavor to develop in them a healthy respect for both themselves and the other athletes against whom they compete. In contrast with the business world, whose focus seems to be directed primarily towards commercially motivated achievement, I will attempt to bring to your attention the simple natural physical beauty of these young athletes as they strive to achieve their successes.





About photographing

Photography is a means whereby a person can express his views on a subject visually and it is my wish to pictorially document the beauty of selected young athletes who are dedicated to their sports. I hope that everyone who views these photos will appreciate and applaud them.

All of my photos have been taken with a Nikon F90X, D100 and D200 camera through high quality lenses. Some of these pictures have been sold to magazines and sports clubs.
Please show due respect to the young athletes involved if you download their pictures to your computer.

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"Again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude for your capturing the perfection, beauty and form of a child - one of God's most wonderful creations - on film.I also appreciate your respect for the youth - it is rare to find such respect and trust that indeed will not harm any children."

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